1 Ekim 2009 Perşembe

Son Ada...(2009)

This work is based on transformation of natural one and destroyed for different goals by the people at the end. Because of that i chose materials that are natural in itself but transformed and processed later.

I wanted to tell the transformed thing's loss caused by changing and transforming process in my work. We used everything as if they are endless but everything has an end and not only does it concern itself but also it concerns other things out of it. Actually when a system occurs it feeds from other systems and
it corrupts, destroys them.

Changing is a multidirectional concept. The thing that doesn't change is dead. but in my work it is opposite. there is damage that comes with change. Nothing new is born from that damage on the contrary the change consumes existant systems. simply if we think as exhibition there is a urban change and it is showed as a good thing to the people. But we know that the city turns into a thing without soul, brain and history under the name of change. I tried to approach the subject ecologically in my work.