13 Temmuz 2008 Pazar

" Herkese Karşı Tek Başına "(2008)

Çalışma, Küçük Çiftlik Lunapark’ında gerçekleştirilmiş olan “Sanat Benim Oyun Alanım” isimli sergi için hazırlanmış ve orada sergilenmiştir.


This work was produced for an exhibition in a funfair. My video was placed near a punch machine that gives you a numerical value of your punch.In my video I,myself try to fight against the punches coming from the darkness.

We can test the strength of our fist with a "punch machine" which requires only a little effort that provides us to face off our real power. Atlhough this machine tests the human's strength, in fact it is a machine, it resists to the human and it calculates the resistance.But how does it do, in comparison with what or whose power?

Funfair includes us to its fun in its own borders.At this point, we continue to live in system not different than the life's own system. We show little punches against the huge toys of the life. However, it never gets hurt,never gets tickled or never hungs up on the web of humanistic sensations.